Have a Creative Idea? Here’s How You Can Get a Patent


All successful products started out as creative ideas at one point. You might be thinking about a new product or service that could be beneficial to the world right now. But if you don’t protect your idea, someone else may come along with a similar idea and take all the glory for it. Getting a patent for your product can help guarantee that once you take action and begin to offer this item to the public, it will be your property and yours alone. 

How to Get a Patent in Just a Few Simple Steps 

The first thing you should do when you have a creative idea you want to move forward with is deciding if your idea qualifies for a patent. There are three types available.


This defines a new process or an improvement of an existing one. It may also define how a device works. This is the most popular type of patent for new and creative ideas. 


Defines how a new device or product looks. 


This focuses on agriculture and can define a new type of plant.

Fully Document Your Idea 

There are specific guidelines created by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). They look at the usefulness of the product. Furthermore, they examine if the idea is not something created by nature, such as the discovery of a new plant species. Keep in mind that the USPTO will not simply patent an idea because it is a good idea. You will need to clearly explain in detail what your new product is and how it will be used. 

Hire a Patent Attorney for Assistance 

It isn’t required that you hire a patent attorney for your idea. But it can help make the application process much simpler, especially if you are not sure where to start. Hiring a lawyer can be useful if you are not sure if your idea qualifies for a patent. 

An attorney can also be useful if you are unsure about how to perform a patent search. A patent attorney will hire a professional researcher to search the USPTO database for similar ideas to your own, to prove that your idea is truly unique. 

If the USPTO objects to your claim, you will have to negotiate with the patent office if you want to move forward with your idea. A professional attorney can negotiate with the USPTO for you if you feel that they aren’t taking your idea seriously. Having an attorney speak on your behalf will give you more leverage. 

Searching for a Patent Attorney Near Me 

If you are interested in hiring a patent attorney, there are several resources available to help you find the right legal professional for the job. You can look up ratings and reviews for attorneys in your area. Consider hiring an attorney who has years of experience working on similar cases to help you out. The more experience your lawyer has, the better off your chances will be with turning your creative idea into an actual product people can use. 

Getting a patent for your creative idea can help save you a lot of stress in the future if you choose to move forward with your invention. For more advice on how to get a patent or where to find an attorney, visit Locate Legal Help. Our website has plenty of helpful links and content on a variety of legal topics.